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An international trading company highly specialised in procuring and distributing a wide range of rice, spices, dried fruits and nuts.

We are a Solution Provider for these items and acts as a Bridge between Suppliers and Customers. We source for your requirements globally understanding your needs and provide solutions. 

We have been in this field for generations and believe in customer satisfaction.


We are the Brand Owners and sole distributor of Anarkali Basmati, SuperStar Basmati and Ponni rice in Singapore. It is one of the most sellable brands in Singapore.


Anarkali spices are one of the best in town, in terms of taste and aroma. This is proven in our daily sales.

Dhalls & Beans

Anarkali only distributes one of the finest dhalls and beans. 80% of our customers speak positively of our products.


We distribute some fast moving items under our own brand, like Dates, Appalam, Salt, Rose water, Tamarind, Maida, tasty nuts and dry fruits, and etc.

Source of Origin

We check our products at the source of Origin. We work closely with our suppliers and visit them regularly during harvesting to control the quality of the crops and processing procedures. Our aim is to provide the best Quality Products to our end users.


We pay special attention to the products that we purchase. We do not compromise on the aroma and quality of the product. We only sell the products that we use at home to ensure the Quality, Price and Taste.

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