We are the Brand Owners and sole distributor of Anarkali Basmati, SuperStar Basmati and Ponni rice. We import them from India and Pakistan. Top chefs and homes around the world would love to cook basmati rice for its aromatic and distinctive flavour. Not to forget basmati rice is gluten free and low in fat. It contains all eight essential amino acids, folic acid, with very low sodium and has no cholesterol. Anarkali basmati rice is rated medium glycemic index.


“Variety is the spice of life”, our spices adds taste to a variety of food in life. Spices are among the most demanded and expensive products since middle ages till date. Many of us know that spices have antimicrobial properties and are much needed in our daily cooking especially when cooking meat. This is one of the reasons why we don’t compromise on the quality of the spices that we supply.

Dhalls and Beans

Anarkali dhalls and beans are imported from Myanmar and Canada. Dhalls and beans are essential in Asian cooking. It is not only gives taste but it also has nutritional values. Since we believe in giving the best to our customers, we personally conduct a check on the dhalls and beans for its purity before packing and make sure there is no mixing till it is loaded and shipped to Singapore. We are confident in our product.


Dates have become the superfood of the moment: the breakfast, lunch and coffee sweetener of champions. Dates are from Iran and Tunisia. This naturally dry fruit is a powerhouse of minerals, energy and fibre. We are the sole importer of Syed Dates. Not forgetting, we are supplying dry nuts and fruits, Anarkali maida, Anarkali iodised salt, Anarkali appalam, Anarkali tamarind and Anarkali rose water.


Import: We purchase fresh products in bulk Sources are from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Canada, Vietnam and Australia


  • Re-packaging to different export sizes
  • Arranging for air/sea freight, with the best rate
  • Obtaining Letter of Credit (LC) and Bill of Lading (BL)
  • Places we export: Asia


  • Everyday low price guaranteed
  • Bulk and large volume distribution
  • Cater to Restaurants, Food Manufacturers, Food Stalls and Supermarkets
  • B2C retail store to be opened soon

Customer Packing

We are now YOUR one stop solution! We offer packing services at attractive rates! With our modern equipment, we are able to pack with precise accuracy and high standards of hygiene! Contact us to find out more!

Supply Chain


  • 10,000 sqft, warehouse with ample space for loading
  • Up to 350 tonnes of Dried Goods
  • With a cold room
  • Pest Control Treatment done regularly

Delivery Fleet:

  • 14ft delivery vehicles
  • Good Fleet Management System
  • Vehicles are maintained and service regularly


  • Packing area with updated packing machines
  • Repacking of products done regularly
  • Pest Control Treatment done regularly
  • Cleanliness and Servicing of machines are observed regularly